The Adams Morgan Community Center & AMYLA

The Line Hotel in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.

The Line Hotel in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.


AMYLA's story

Not everyday does a start-up non-profit organization receive meeting request from business leaders or developers about transformational community partnerships. 

Well, in AMYLA's early stages, real estate developer and philanthropist, Brian Friedman challenged AMYLA's leadership to broaden it's purpose while servicing local needs in a rapidly changing community and city.

Founded in 2008 and at the height of the nation's worst economic downturn since the great depression, AMYLA served as an early public advocate and supporter of the ambitious project.

We envisioned our partnership with The Line Hotel as a viable medium to impact the trajectory of AMYLA, the community and most importantly, the lives of  youth and families that we have the privilege of serving.

Through this partnership, we at AMYLA are thrilled about the many opportunities in front of us.

It is our belief that AMYLA's long term partnership with The Line Hotel will help set a precedent for how public and private institutions can work together to improve the communities in which new and existing residents live, work, shop and play! 

There are many family members, friends, activists, residents, business and political leaders that stood alongside us; especially when it was unpopular to do so.  We express our eternal gratitude to you. 

While we are pleased to have a place to call home, we realize the fact there is much work ahead of us to be done.  

We invite you to support this new vision by joining us in this journey.



 Nigel Okunubi, Managing Director